University of Malta

The University of Malta is considered to be one of the oldest universities in all of Europe. The predecessor of the University of Malta was founded by the Roman Catholic Bishop University of MaltaGaragallo in 1592 AD.

The University of Malta was named at that time the Collegium Melitense and Jesuits were given the honour to manage the University of Malta which they proudly did for nearly 200 years. Unfortunately the Jesuits were forced to leave Malta and the management and control of the University of Malta was turned over to the government.

The University of Malta was closed for a few years starting in 1798 due to the fact that Napoleon had invaded Malta, Napoleon had decided that a French style university would be better for Malta and its inhabitants.

Fortunately for the University of Malta, Napoleon was removed from power on Malta by the British. The British crown decided that Malta would become a British protectorate. The University of Malta was able to reopen its doors for students after Alexander Ball was finally able to reestablish the University of Malta.

The University of Malta officially became the Royal University of Malta in 1938. King George VI awarded the University of Malta the special title as per Royal decree. The University of Malta carried the Royal prefix proudly for the next 36 years until 1974.

After Malta became a republic in 1974, the University of Malta removed the Royal prefix from the name of their university. The university once again returned to its original name of the University of Malta.

Additional information and history about the university can best be obtained and studied at the University of Malta Library.

The University of Malta is the highest form of educational institution in Malta. The university of Malta does offer a wide range of programs including a bachelor program which takes between 3 and 5 years to complete. If you are interested in studying for a Master's degree at the University of Malta then please note that the program is a two year full time educational program.

For those of you that can't get enough of studying at the University of Malta then there is an additional PhD program which you can join.. The University of Malta Doctorates program has however faced a reduction in the number of applicants for this program at the University of Malta.

Many Maltese students prefer to study for their PhD at an overseas University which has resulted in a decrease in student enrolment for the PhD program.

The University of Malta has transformed into a modern and well equipped university. Students at the university manage and operate the University of Malta Campus FM 103.7. If you are interested in listening to the Campus FM 103.7 or taking a peek at the University of Malta radio station programming schedules them please visit the University of Malta radio station link.