Gozo Malta

Gozo is located just 8 kilometers away from the North-Western shores of Malta. Gozo is a relatively small island and is only 30 percent the size of Malta. The capital of Malta is Victoria, also known as Rabat, and is located on the center of Gozo. It is rather easy to get around on Gozo as any location on the island can be reached by car in less than 20 minutes.

Gozo has often been called the original Malta, one without mass tourism and loud nightlife. As the tourist development on Gozo is way behind that of Malta, many people have regarded this Maltese island as the poor region of Malta.

However many local people will admit that due to the peaceful and quiet life on Gozo as well as the cheaper prices for Malta real estate for example, the standard of life is higher for those living on Gozo then those Maltese living on the main island of Malta. It should come as no surprise that many wealthy Maltese actually own a holiday home on Gozo.

Most tourists visiting Malta on holiday will go on a day trip to Gozo and enjoy the spectacular sights that can be visited on the small Maltese island. However please note that there are so many great places to visit on Gozo that only a one day visit to Gozo will not allow you to see and visit all the great things that Gozo has to offer to its visitors. If you do end up visiting Gozo then please remember to visit the beautiful Ggantija temples of Gozo.

Ggantija temples

The Ggantija temples are certainly the most popular tourist attraction on Gozo and are definitely worth a visit. The Ggantija temples of Gozo are impressive Neolithic temples Ggantija Templeswhich are dated back nearby 4 millennia before the birth of Christ. The Ggantija temples of Gozo are considered to be the oldest structures on earth which are man- made.

Another great place to visit on Gozo is the beautiful Citadel which is located in the capital city of Gozo. Another great way to spend your time on Gozo is by exploring and admiring the amazing nature which is found all over Gozo.

For those Malta tourists that are divers, please note that the Gozo underwater world is famous around the world with divers and you should definitely plan a dive off the shores of Gozo.