Comino Island in Malta

Comino is a beautiful island that is situated between the islands of Gozo and Malta. Comino has barely more than a total area size 3 square kilometers. Comino only has a few full time residents and only a few structures can be found on Comino.

Comino only has one Malta hotel to offer to visiting tourists which adds to the lovely peaceful charm of Comino.

Comino, the smallest of the three Maltese islands, is a great island for people on a day trip and especially those visitors seeking a quiet and relaxing location to swim or sunbathe.

One of the most famous and popular parts of Comino is the Blue Lagoon. This beautiful Maltese attraction is a must on any visitors sightseeing schedule.

The water at Blue Lagoon at Camino is very blue and especially those of you that like to snorkel and dive will be more then pleased as you can find a great variety of marine life at this location.

Tourists going to Malta on holiday and wishing to visit Comino or the Blue Lagoon can easily find transfer from both Malta and Gozo with one of several boat companies that offer transfers to Comino. Numerous boat companies run tours of the island from both Malta and Gozo.

So when visiting Malta please do visit this great Malta island, you will certainly not regret visiting Comino and the Blue Lagoon.